A Place to Call HOME

VOV is currently worshiping at a temporary facility where God has blessed us to grow and prosper.  We have had a tremendous impact just in the few months that we have been in existence.  But, to take the vision that God has given us to the next level, we need a permanent place to worship; A Place to Call Home.

Making the Connection

At VOV we believe that the Church of God has a transforming effect wherever it goes.  Where ever God is, there is liberty, life, peace and joy.  We are Making the Connection with our neighbors, community, city and world.  The power to change lives is within us.  We are determined to use it.

Share the Good News

There is so much hurt and pain in the world. You just can’t escape the bad news, no matter where you turn.  It is on the news, in the paper, at work, at home, in our streets, classrooms and places of worship.  People are looking for help and hope.  Well, we are determined to Share the GOOD News… Jesus is the answer to the world’s problems.

​People are Hungry Every Day

We are often reminded that hunger is an issue during the holiday seasons. Thanksgiving and Christmas are a popular time to feed the less fortunate.  But hunger is not a seasonal issue.  People are Hungry Every Day!  At VOV it is our desire to meet the total need of man; both natural and spiritual.

One Family at a Time

At VOV we understand that the transformation that we seek in our world will begin One Family at a Time.  We will impact our community by building strong relationships and strengthening families.  The family is the basic element of society. When we build and strengthen families we will build and strengthen the very foundation of our world.

​Remember the Children

Satan has launched an all-out attack against the youth of today. He sees their vulnerable state and understands if he can trick them at an early age he can chart their future.  But, the Word says that we are not ignorant to his devices.  At VOV we are determined to Remember the Children; to create a safe, productive environment where children will learn how to stand up and stand out for Christ.